When did life get so suffocating?

Back in the day, when we were oh-so-young and naïve, we hoped to become adults ASAP. I don’t know about you, but as for me, I envied adults a lot. They were bigger than life. Nothing held them back. They could do what they want, when and how they want it. Adults decided for themselves. They bought things (sometimes includes people too) they like. Like any other kids, I took for granted the simplicity and freedom that childhood brings. Instead, I craved for the more complicated adult life.

Fast forward to years later and I eventually became an adult. Finally! …or not

I passed by my old elementary school a few months ago and nostalgia hits me hard that I still couldn’t shake those feelings until now. The smell of the trees and the ambience of the place brought back memories going to and fro school, of chatting with classmates, of worrying about assignments and projects, of just being a student. Everything was pure back then. I wasn’t the jaded, skeptic, and cynical person like I am now. It was my golden years, so to speak, and it extended until high school. Back then, I was anxious of what will become of my future if I was already having the time of my life.

Adult life is not that all dark. It is more of a shades of grey, just a bit heavier on the darker side. While this is not exactly the type of adult life I always thought it would be, being an adult certainly has its merits.

  1. You get to decide for yourself – One of the best things in life. You can consult your parents but it is ultimately your choice in the end. That is, until peer pressure kicks in… (don’t ever think that peer pressure ends in high school but that’s for another post)
  2. You have your own money – 2nd best thing. You get to spend it however you want. But be careful not to be broke. (earning that money is another thing though)
  3. You can do things that minors are not allowed to do like getting a license.

…and that’s just it.

Wow I honestly thought that there’ll be more to that. O.O

Cons of being an adult:

  1. You’ll never have real vacations – gone are your carefree days that seem to go on forever so you waste your time on other things
  2. You’ll be forced to socialize – some people just don’t understand the word me-time
  3. Work will hog 16 hours of your life – you even take home some of your work, or you’ll have an OTY or no pay overtime
  4. Every cell of your body screams exhaustion – yep every single one
  5. You live to work, not other way around.
  6. You can never ever trust anyone in your workplace – which brings me to the next point…
  7. It will be hard to make friends when you’re older – Everyone has their own agenda of befriending you or perhaps you have an ulterior motive of getting close to your colleague
  8. Never-ending responsibilities.
  9. Society expects you to be a superhuman – You brave even the harshest of the storm and flood.

Yep, adult life is awesome.


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