You Only Live Once Moment

My friend and I share the same sentiment about travelling. Apparently, people, especially my generation, the ones who have recently gotten a job and think that they are ready to conquer the world and mature enough to plunge into it needlessly (that is so wrong in so many levels), travels for the sake of social status. Okay I’m not generalizing anyone who travels nor saying that travelling is bad. It’s just that travelling have lost it’s core meaning; people don’t travel for the sake of travelling. They do so for bragging rights. This gives birth to some way of thinking that the ones who travel are better and wiser people unlike the ones who don’t.

People call that going to places as their YOLO moments. They claim that, as you only live once, you have to go see and experience the world. There’s nothing wrong in that. What’s wrong is pushing that idea to every single person they know and their attitude. You’ll never know, that someone might be experiencing their own YOLO moments in their own way. Or maybe you really don’t have to go that far to experience that moment. What all you have to do is stop and look around you, see what or who have you been taking for granted in the past days or years. You only live once right?


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